About Us

This website is dedicated to discussions about statistics, econometrics, and data. For a more audiovisual experience, you can check out the KANDA DATA YouTube channel.

I am excited to announce the launch of this blog, which aims to share knowledge and experiences related to statistics, econometrics, and data. While the format will differ from the videos on the KANDA DATA YouTube channel, both platforms are designed to complement each other. Previously, I shared content mainly through the YouTube channel, but now I have also created a dedicated website.

Research plays a crucial and strategic role in national development. But what exactly are research activities? They involve the systematic process of discovering, interpreting, testing, and revising facts in accordance with scientific principles. A key stage in research is data analysis, which ensures the accuracy and scientific integrity of the research. Understanding data analysis and its interpretation is essential, wouldn’t you agree?

However, many researchers, lecturers, and students often find themselves needing additional knowledge and understanding when it comes to data analysis. Drawing on my expertise in agricultural economics, particularly in statistics, econometrics, and data, I will consistently share valuable insights on this blog. I will regularly update it with articles on data analysis in various research fields, including economics, agribusiness, the socio-economics of agriculture, animal husbandry, and other related sciences, to complement the content on the KANDA DATA YouTube channel.

I hope this website provides valuable contributions to scientific progress and serves as a useful resource for anyone interested in statistics, econometrics, and data.

Warm regards,