About Us

“This website focuses on discussing statistics, econometrics, and data. For the audiovisual version, you can visit the KANDA DATA youtube channel.”

The plan to share knowledge and experiences that discuss statistics, econometrics, and data have been successfully realized with the launch of this blog. The delivery will certainly be slightly different from the videos that have been published on the Kanda Data YouTube channel, but they will complement each other. Previously, I often shared videos through the YouTube channel, and now I have created my website domain.

Talking about research, do you know that research has an important and strategic role in national development? What are the research activities? Research activities include the process of finding, interpreting, testing, and revising facts that are conducted systematically following scientific principles. Data analysis is one of the important stages in research activities, where it aims to make the research correct and fulfill the assumptions of scientific principles. Of course, it will require a deep understanding of data analysis and how to interpret it, right?

But in reality, at this stage, many researchers, lecturers, and students need additional knowledge & understanding supplements related to data analysis. Based on my knowledge and experience in agricultural economics, especially related to statistics, econometrics, and data, I will consistently share knowledge in this blog. I will update with the latest article related to data analysis in research in the fields of economics, agribusiness, socio-economic of agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as other related fields of science to complement the audiovisuals on the KANDA DATA youtube channel.

Finally, I hope this website can provide added value for scientific progress and be useful for those who need statistics, econometrics, and data.

Warm regards,