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How to Perform Multiple Linear Regression in Excel | Data Analysis Toolpak Tutorial

Multiple linear regression is a statistical method used to analyze two or more independent variables in relation to a dependent variable. In this article, Kanda Data will discuss how to perform multiple linear regression analysis using Excel through the Analysis Toolpak menu.

Data Transformation to Address Non-Normally Distributed Data


The assumption that data must be normally distributed is often a prerequisite for using certain inferential statistical tests. However, sometimes the test results do not meet expectations, indicating that the data is not normally distributed.

Handling Non-Normally Distributed Data by Removing Outliers


The topic I’m writing about today is prompted by questions on how to handle data that is not normally distributed. We know that in quantitative analysis, several statistical tests require that the data be normally distributed. This is an interesting topic that we will delve deeper into in this article.

Data Measurement Scales for Likert Scale Variables in Non-Parametric Statistics

The use of variables measured with the Likert scale is certainly familiar to us. This scale is often applied in research involving non-parametric variables.

The Differences Between Nominal Data Scale and Ordinal Data Scale in Research Variable Measurement


In statistical analysis, data measurement scales are divided into four main categories namely nominal scale, ordinal scale, interval scale, and ratio scale. A proper understanding of the differences among these scales is crucial for determining the appropriate data analysis method.