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How to Determine the T-table (T critical value) in Excel for Linear Regression Analysis

In linear regression analysis, to determine the significance of the regression coefficients, researchers need to find the critical values from the t-student distribution (T-table). Typically, researchers often use these tables to evaluate the results of regression analysis. However, with technological advancements, determining the T-table value can easily be obtained using a spreadsheet, such as Excel.

How to Analyze Correlation between Ratio and Ordinal Scale Variables (Different Measurement Scales)


In correlation analysis, we often use Pearson correlation to test the relationship between variables measured on a ratio/interval scale. Variables measured on a ratio/interval scale have a greater potential to meet the normality assumption for data testing.

Tutorial on How to Calculate Residual Values in Excel

Regression analysis is already widely used by researchers to explore the influence of independent variables on dependent variables. If we use regression analysis, we must have a good understanding of residual values. These residual values are needed in regression analysis. In addition, in the assumption tests required in linear regression analysis using the ordinary least square method, some also use residual values.

Understanding the Difference Between R-squared and Adjusted R-squared in OLS Linear Regression Output

R-squared (R²) and Adjusted R-squared (R² adjusted) are key metrics frequently used to assess the effectiveness of a linear regression model. The R-squared value provides information about the proportion of variability in the dependent variable explained by the independent variable in the linear regression equation.

Can nominal scale data be analyzed using regression analysis?


Regression analysis is commonly used to examine the influence of independent variables on dependent variables observed in a study. However, regression analysis is more suitable for data with interval or ratio scales. How about data with nominal scales, can regression still be used?